Welcome to Eats Expo!

Schedule of Events Announced in 2021


Connect with nutrition industry brands that are aligned with humane eating! Visit over fifty exhibits at our annual expo!


Make this your healthiest year yet and get your jump start all in one place at this unique event that promotes animal welfare through the foods we eat. Whether you're an exhibitor, fitness expert, or just looking to get healthy and eat humanely, Real Eats Expo is an occasion that brings everyone together to celebrate the exponential growth of animal welfare!


With everything from the latest nutritional supplements to Certified Humane foods, you'll experience a day that inspires nutrition on a large-scale format bringing awareness to treating our food (animals) with the respect they deserve.



-Special Guest Speakers

-Fitness Showcase and Awards Ceremony





Get healthy for life and get your jump start at the only annual expo of its kind in our area! Bring your friends, bring the whole family and take your fitness to the next level!