Real Fit Showcase Rules and Regulations


Real Fit Expo wants to know how you stay above the fray to maintain your fitness levels. We want to see what real fitness looks like on you! We look at true fitness as an “inside job”. Hard work and discipline from the inside manifests itself on the outside with a healthy glow.  As such, our rules and regulations for the competition are determined as follows and reflect a balanced alignment with our judging panel. Athletes agree through registration that all forms of stimulant, steroids, either "natural" or synthetic are strictly prohibited.


Our judging panel parallels the same variety we hope to see in our competitors, thereby giving everyone the opportunity to compete without worrying about "fitness discrimination" from one type of fitness dedication to another. From yoga or transformation, to body-building or flexibility, our judging panel represents every type of competitor! 


Judges will be looking not only at your overall physical appearance and stage presence, but they also want to see your personality shine through on your poses, walk, or skill set, depending on the category in which you're competing. “Own” your walk and poses! Got swag? Bring it! Do you have extreme flexibility? Can you do a standing back flip? Show us! As a competitor, you'll choose the category that best suits YOU!



Muscle and Symmetry:

The Muscle and Symmetry athlete takes into consideration the necessary process required to optimize short-term extreme muscle definition. This athlete understands that bulking and cutting, counting macros and greatly reducing body fat is not sustainable, yet still holds great value in regards to the discipline and motivation required to prepare the body for extreme temporary symmetry, striations and muscular definition. This athlete will provide a simple 60-second statement of how they actively inspire others to achieve their fitness goals. Athlete will also complete one round of quarter turns to display symmetry and one round of poses for muscularity as follows:


Front Double Bicep

Rear Double Bicep



Judging criteria:

60-second statement 20%

Symmetry Round 40%

Muscularity Round 40%



Sustainably Real:

The Sustainably Real athlete embodies the discipline and long-term motivation required to sustain an aesthetically healthy glow NOT attained through the hormonal imbalances of traditional "bulking and cutting". This athlete has chosen and maintained a healthy lifestyle from the start, consistently working out, carrying a healthy body fat count and adhering to a naturally fit lifestyle free of extremes or short-term aesthetic manipulation. This athlete will provide a 60-second statement of how they actively help others achieve their fitness goals (judges look for creativity here) The Sustainably Real Athlete will also showcase a skill set in their chosen area of fitness, be it anything from gymnastics or agility to martial arts or Navy Seal endurance and expertise! This category is your chance to be your most genuine self on the stage and showcase your most unique fitness skills! (Again, judges are looking for unique skills, creativity and personality.)

Judging Criteria:

60-Second Statement 50%

Skill Set 50%

Greatest Comeback:

The Greatest Comeback athlete has a story of personal triumph story to tell. This athlete has discovered a love for fitness because it launched them to a place of healing and personal victory. A TWO-minute personal story is presented with the main goal of inspiring others in the community. This athlete fully grasps the combination of fitness being as much mental as it is physical. 

Judging Criteria:

Comeback/Transformation Story 50%




Real Fit Family:

The Real Fit Family family makes health and fitness a fun way of life, prioritizing their children through compassionate education over athletic demands and expectations. This family's love of a healthy lifestyle is apparent in all areas and shows through their genuine commitment to a healthy family. Each family member from the youngest to oldest gives a ONE-sentence description of their favorite family fitness activity. 

Judging Criteria:

Creativity (presentation, outfits, props, etc.) 50%

Fitness Activity Description (can be spoken as well as performed) 50%

Teen 15-19

Teen athletes will follow the same quarter turns and poses defined in the Muscle and Symmetry category. Athletes will also share a 60-second statement on how they inspire their friends to get (or stay) fit. All athletes under the age of 18 must be registered by a parent or guardian and through registration, agree to the terms of the waiver outlined on the registration tab. Males, see Muscle and Symmetry category for attire. Females, see Super Woman Category for attire. 


Judging Criteria:

As defined in the Muscle and Symmetry Category

Super Woman

This category is specifically for female athletes who keep it real with their fitness and healthy lifestyle. These athletes have a cause that goes beyond the mirror and will share a 60-second statement about how they inspire their community, family or friends to get fit. Attire consists of tasteful booty shorts or capris and a moderate sports bra or crop tank.

Athletes will perform a total of four poses as follows:


Side pose right

Side pose left

Front pose

Double bicep from the back (NO booty pop)



One overall winner who embodies the Real Fit foundation and ideal will be awarded a comprehensive athlete sponsorship from Real Fit Expo LLC and $1,000. 


One winner will be awarded a photo and video shoot with Creative Aesthetix (a $500 value)


Four winners will be awarded $250.

Five Winners will be awarded a sponsor package from our Elite Sponsors 




1. Click the icon at the bottom of this page to submit registration in your desired category

2. With "Showcase" in the subject line, please e-mail your:

First and Last Name





Your registration also includes your expo admission for the day. Competitors agree to the same terms and conditions as outlined for general admission, including Real Fit Expo LLC release of liability, parental for minors who are competing, media exposure, website photos, and social media photos. 


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