John , Manager 

Logistics and Operations

Head Ambassador

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John Huynh began lifting with friends about four years ago, and what started as a “let’s get huge” mantra, became something more. As an educator and ACE certified trainer, John plays an essential role in helping students realize their own passion for fitness and health through lifting weights. For John, fitness is a way of life that continues to inspire him to grow with faith and passion for all the positives that the fit life brings! As an ambassador for the Real Fit Expo, John is exactly what we strive for to represent the Real Fit Expo platform and the true meaning of excellence in sustainable fitness. 


Marketing Director

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Annalea Higginbotham is a certified 

yoga instructor and gymnastics coach.

She is a bundle of energy and never stops

moving! How does she do it? 

She says it's simple! Eat well, take care of your mind body and soul, and most of all, keep it REAL!

When she's not teaching yoga or coaching gymnastics, you'll find her in the dance studio or working out in the gym!

Through her marketing expertise, she guides everyone toward awareness about every annual Real Fit Expo!