Males 15-25


Body fat percentage between 8-13. (lower than 8 is not recommended)

Physique shorts or board shorts. Black only. 

Gym shoes optional



Males 26-35


Body fat percentage between 9-14 (lower than 9 is not recommended)

Physique shorts only. Black only. 

Gym shoes optional


Males 36-45


Body fat percentage between 10-15 (lower than 10 is not recommended)

Physique shorts only. Black only. 

Gym shoes optional




Males 46-55


Body fat percentage between 15-18 (Higher than 18 is not recommended) 

Physique shorts only. Black only. Gym shoes optional




Males 56-65 


Body fat percentage between 15-18 (Higher than 18 is not recommended)

Physique shorts (black) or board shorts any color. 

Gym shoes optional, but not recommended with board shorts



Males 66-75 plus


Body fat percentage between 15-20 (Higher than 20 is not recommended)

Physique shorts, black only or board shorts (below the belly button) Any color.

Gym shoes optional but not recommended with board shorts 

Sponsorship Fulfillment Requirents

Thank you for your participation in the annual RealFit Expo Fitness Showcase. 


Congrats on winning the RealFit women's catagory! You did a great job and the realfit team is looking forward to your representing our brand 100% as the main company you promote and advertise daily as you continue living your active healthy and fit life! 


As a health and fitness expert and sponsored athlete, you are the female face and body image of RealFit Expo LLC for the entire year until the commencement of next year's annual statewide event at which your presence is expected. 


We are committed and passionate to our mission and cause in educating and growing the RealFit family and community. We expect and require our athletes and ambassadors to uphold this same high standard. Your responsibilities and obligations include and are not limited to: 


• Inspiring and educating your network and the general public through your every day real fit lifestyle which includes: 


• Posting yourself wearing RealFit attire and tagging RealFit Expo on Instagram 2x per week (mininim) sharing how you are living real fit in all areas of life including: 

Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional/Socially

• Attend the monthly RealFit team meeting to go over progress reports and current event planning

• Check in once per week with marketing director to offer ideas to grow the RealFit Expo mission in tandam with your personal goals 

• Connect with and help represent, market, and promote all RealFit sponsors, vendors, and fellow team members by visiting, sampling and posting about an affiliated approved product or service 2x per month 

• Must maintain a healthy RealFit mindset and physique working on yourself from the inside out

• Must represent yourself in a professional, respectful, and courteous manner in public at all times 

• No promoting unhealthy practices that are against the realfit way of life. 

Ex: dysmorphic cutting, bulking, body manipulation, inappropriate pictures or posts 

• No posting or sending inappropriate, promiscuous, or nude pictures or posts of any kind 

• Must maintain a positive selfless service attitude by inspiring and encouraging others to live a RealFit life

• Must represent the RealFit platform in word and action in a respectful, positive, and professional manner with or without sponsorship


If any of these expectations are not met at any time it will result in the transfer of the sponsored title to a runner up. All access to privaledges, sponsorships, and future event opportunities will be dissolved. 


However with consideration from the marketing team you could still be eligible to participate in our ambassor program. 


A successful 30-day trial period will culminate in you receiving the first allotted award. After a second 30-day trial will culminate in the receipt of your second allotted award. Each continued 30-day period will result in additional awards from RealFit Expo LLC and affiliates.