Ten Things Great Exhibits All Have in Common

1. Energetic, enthusiastic representatives at the table 2. Bright, colorful table displays boasting the company's logo 3. A chip reader for "on the spot" purchases (for selling goods) 4. Creative promotion that engages the consumer, such as a "push-ups challenge", a two-question nutrition/health quiz, food sampling, coupons, etc. Always think outside the box! For example, if you're exhibiting in early February, (at the Real Fit Expo 😍) some of your promotion could include a Valentine's theme. Encourage consumers to surprise their sweetheart with some of YOUR products or services! Give them a SWEETHEART deal! 5. Planning ahead and early! As exhibitors begin to plan their exhibits, they're often surprised how many great ideas come to them along the way! The sooner they start planning, the more they're able to incorporate some amazing ideas that will draw the public to their table! 6. Getting a good night's sleep before the big day is important.  Expo day is a high-energy event with an upbeat crowd. A good night's sleep will have an exhibitor on his game throughout the whole day! 7. Something for kids! Children often lead the way with their parents in tow- straight to exhibitor's tables featuring items or foods that appeal to children. 8. Plenty of product. As the old adage goes... better to have and not need than need and not have. 9. Many exhibitors have a mini demo right at their table. For example, if they're selling or promoting a specific product, they'll show consumers how it's used- And let them try it too! 10. We've saved the best for last, and this is perhaps the most important trait of the most successful exhibits: Great exhibitors know how to go and get the comsumers! What we mean here, is that they don't wait for people to come to their table. Exhibitors who are passionate about their product or services, have a contagious energy when they step out from behind their table to get the attention of people passing by. Many exhibitors head right out into the crowd for prospects! (That's ideal when there are two exhibitors so that one can stay and man table)  


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