Grow Where You're Planted

If you've always wanted to reset your life and try a plant-based diet but just don't feel you have the time or know-how, then you should get familiar with 3:8 Juice and Eatery on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta. They'll be launching their 15-day Reset Program on Thursday, Sept. 7'th! The Reset Program is designed to give you a fresh start with nutrition-packed plant-based juices. The juices will reset your taste buds and get you on a path that will change your life and maybe even save your life! Be sure to check out the menu while you're picking up your cold-pressed juices. (And that's just the beginning!) There are so many choices at 3:8 Juice and Eatery, including power bowls, salads, green bowls and daily specials! Talk to Leslie at 3:8 Juice and Eatery and learn about what inspired her to open this go-to spot for the healthiest people in town! There is so much to learn about how you can change your life with simple food choices that are easy and convenient thanks to the resources made available by 3:8 Juice and Eatery. How many times a week are you on Windward Parkway? We're guessing daily for some of you. Let 3:8 Juice and Eatery help you change your life and grow where you're planted right here in Alpharetta!

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