Meal Prep Sundays Make Better Mondays

The psychological benefits of healthy meal prep for the week are as valuable as the nutrients themselves! You don't need to be dieting or counting macros as a reason for doing meal prep. Everyone should do meal prep because it's efficient, saves time, and helps eliminate impulsive eating choices!

Okay, so now that you know meal prep is for everyone, what about that great weekend you've just had, and that 

not-so-great feeling that Sunday is turning into Monday... Rather than get bummed out about your weekend coming to a close, set the tone for a great Monday and the week ahead with meal prep! 

Try this easy start-up for first-timers:

Before you head to the grocery store, clean your kitchen and put three or four pans on the stove so they'll be ready to use! 

Line up five containers and lids on your countertop

Now you're ready to cook!

Foods you'll need: (and you may already have these items!) If not, make a quick trip to the grocery store!  Based on your appetite, buy enough of everything to have five meals.

Two types of protein, your choice from the following list: (two packages is usually enough)

Chicken breasts or boneless, skinless thighs

Ground turkey or turkey sausage 

Ground beef

Two types of vegetables, your choice from the following list:


Red, yellow and orange sweet peppers

Vidalia onions

One type of starch, your choice from the following list: 

Brown rice

Sweet potatoes 

Small red potatoes

Boil potatoes or bake them in the oven as you cook the other items. If you're going with the brown rice, follow the boiling instructions and let it simmer while you cook the other items. 

Place ground turkey, sausage, beef or chicken breasts in a pan and cook thoroughly. Season lightly with Mrs. Dash or a pinch of salt and pepper.

Slice and carmelize the vidalia onion in a frying pan with a small pat of butter. (Use medium heat- It's done when the slices are golden brown, about 15 min.)

Add colorful peppers or broccoli florets when the onions are done (cook the whole mixture for about 5 more minutes)

Add the mixed vegetables to the ground meat, sausage, or chicken breasts. (you 

can also use separate containers if you'd like to have your vegetables as a side.)

Place it all in five containers for meals. Add the potatoes or rice on the top! 

Place the lids on your containers, put them in the fridge and remember to grab one on the go when you're getting out the door for work each day! 

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