The Real Fit Expo Fitness Showcase- Should You Go For It?

If you're consistently fit and keeping it realistic... if you know that fitness begins on the inside and shows on the outside...if you're approachable and full of drive to be the best possible version of YOU...  Then yes, you should get onstage Saturday, Feb. 3'rd at the Real Fit Expo!  (Oh... And who doesn't like winning $500 and sponsor prizes just for being fit?)
 The Real Fit Expo is founded on the contemporary concept of sustainable fitness. Gone are the days of striving for a dangerously low body fat count for any reason! By definition, true fitness requires a healthy and normal body fat count. That is what our judges look for because it means you've maintained the ultimate dedication to sustainable fitness.  As we all know, attitude and lifestyle play a large role in how fitness becomes apparent aesthetically. Our judges want to hear about what drives YOU! Maybe it's football, maybe it's dance, maybe it's the gym... whatever it is, it's your story and it propels you forward in your fitness goals.  

Want to learn more? Explore our Fitness Showcase tab and get registered! Show everyone what you've got!

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