Grow. For Real.

Just as your body has a kinetic chain, so does your mind. If you don't repair injuries of both in a proper manner, you will develop permanent injuries and lifelong compensations. Does that sound fit and healthy? 

Here's how it happens in the body:

Technically you can misuse a machine, or have improper form and still grow muscle, (albeit in strange places). It's definitely a circuitous route to your ultimate goal, even though you say you're applying your best effort. In response, your body develops a permanent compensation to support your improper form. 

Here's how it happens in the mind:

You can misuse yourself giving your attention to people who are holding you back from your ultimate happiness. You'll still grow in some winding obscure way, telling yourself all the while it's your best effort. In response, your mind develops a permanent compensation as a means of survival. 

So instead of the above methods, push yourself one step further and work smart. 

Learn proper form on machines and in your personal life. That is how you'll grow for real. No more wandering from machine to machine and person to person repeating the same old patterns. 

Now go forth, and grow! 

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