Crunch Fitness Real Fit Expo Summer competition Saturday, June, 16

Register in any of the following categories: -Fittest Family -Fittest Couple -Fittest Male -Fittest Female Win sponsor prizes from Monster Energy and an exclusive athlete sponsorship from Evol Nutrition/Red Dawn!

SPONSORSHIP DETAILS; Athlete Sponsorship- One Year term ATHLETE: -Athlete to post two monthly social media posts tagging Red Dawn and showing use of branded products -Athlete initially to post one social media post a month showing/wearing branded clothing, i.e., t-shirts, tanks, etc. with the understanding that as Red Dawn Energy premiers its new clothing line, sponsored athletes are expected to post four times monthly wearing branded clothing. -Athlete agrees to attend four annual events promoting the Red Dawn Energy/Sleep Walker line, hosting a vendor table and talking to the public about product benefits to athletes. -Athlete agrees to compete in one annual event of his or her choice and further agrees to thank Red Dawn Energy in any competition event where athlete has placed 1'st, 2'd or 3'rd and is given the opportunity to thank supporting entities either publicly, in the press or via social media. SPONSOR: -Sponsor agrees to post athlete using branded product once monthly on social media. (This can be a repost from athlete's ig page) -Sponsor agrees to invite and promote athlete at special events where applicable. -Sponsor agrees to provide athlete with an annual support fee of $100 toward any competition for which athlete registers. -Sponsor agrees to provide athlete with products and clothing for its exposure and promotion -Sponsor agrees to inform athlete of its mission statement and company premise for athlete to clearly understand how to best promote Red Dawn Energy and Sleep Walker products

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