It's A Short Stretch to Longterm Benefits!

If you can stretch on one side but not on the other, it's time to see a chiropractor. Misalignment is typically the reason for an inability to stretch as fully on one side as you can on the other. Your body will quickly adjust to misalignment in its kinetic chain by adapting with its own acceptance of an untreated issue. Visiting a chiropractor can repair the issue and get you on the road to flexibility again. The longer you wait, the more your body gets used to living in misalignment and that definitely won't improve your squats or your bench press. We're always told to "trust the process" when we're trying to grow in the gym, but there's also trusting the process of healing, even when you're not in major pain. The little discomforts you feel now can turn into major roadblocks later! 

So let's get to stretching while we still can! 

See you on the stretching table!

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