Women's Vintage Gym Looks

Women seemed to have so much fun in the 1920's, probably because they spent more time doing the Charleston than they did running on treadmills. (hey, dancing is cardio!) Women in the 1920's even knew how to make workouts look like being on cloud nine, and their gym outfits were just as cute as ours today! We're not sure if the shorts were squat-proof, but they were definitely on trend! Booty shorts and curves were in, looking masculine was out, and fitness ideals, (if not equipment) were surprisingly similar to what women aspire to now! So here's the thing, since history repeats itself, and having fun is always in style, treat yourself to a new gym outfit! You deserve it and it will add renewed energy to your next workout! 

Want to go retro? Check out these looks from the 1920's and 1930's...

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