What Do the Real Fit Expo Judges Look For?

So you’ve either already registered for the Real Fit Expo Fitness Showcase, or you’re thinking about getting on stage... In either case, you might be wondering how to score the most points with our judges, but the answer to that question is much simpler than you might think! The Real Fit Expo is unlike any other fitness competition in regards to how our competitors are judged. The most important categories in which to score the highest points are focused on aspects that celebrate who you are as person and how you inspire others! A truly fit competitor at the Real Fit Expo has the mental fortitude required to work hard while recognizing that they are fallible. True champions have a deep connection with themselves as individuals. They understand the reality of facing personal challenges with an ongoing sense of humility that transcends the ego. Aesthetics are simply the physical nuances that bear witness to an athlete’s sincere effort in triumphing over life’s ongoing personal challenges. That said, the Real Fit Expo is consistency compelled to share our judge’s scoring system so that our athletes know what it truly takes to win on our stage! We also highly recommend reading our website (Fitness Showcase tab) to become familiar with how to thoroughly prepare for the big day! Most importantly, we are here to answer your questions along the way, so please feel free to contact us any time! Good luck, and remember... Be Real, Be Fit, Be You! Judges score 1-12 points on the following: -Creativity and modification of poses -Mission statement and the ability to inspire others -Stage presence and personality Judges score 1-10 points on the following: -Overall fitness and a healthy body fat count (not indicative of "bulking and cutting" or extreme (unsustainable aesthetic manipulation) -Outfit -overall skin-tone

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