Don't Talk Back

When you're pushing your body beyond its usual capacity, you might be telling the small voice of warning in your head to shut up. The result of "talking back" like that can, and does lead to serious injury or death.  

Everyone's voice of warning sits quietly on the threshold of "I should be able to" and "I can do this." There are certain situations that make people take risks they shouldn't be taking when it comes to fitness performance. Here are the top three fitness situations where you're going to want to listen to your body's instincts: Group Fitness Classes: It is natural to want to perform at your best in a group setting. As humans, we are driven to keep up with each other or "outdo" each other. In either case, our adrenaline kicks in, and we are compelled to push ourselves and disregard our body's plea to stop. Whenever you find yourself in a group fitness setting, be sure to prioritize your body's instincts above your ego's need to keep up with, or outdo the crowd. Social Media: It seems people will stop at nothing to get a photo or video for social media attention. Serious injuries and in many cases, death are often the result of such desperation. Always remember, social media posts don't amount to a blip on the radar screen of our daily lives. People do not notice or remember anything beyond the millisecond of time they see it, so don't knock yourself out (literally) trying to capture a video or photo of what amounts to a high risk investment on a low return moment. That kind of behavior means you're taking social media too seriously and it can cost you a world of pain... or worse.  

Lack of Equipment Knowledge: There should never come a time when you think you know everything about fitness to the point you don't pay attention to your own inadequacies when it comes to using the equipment. If you've ever been in the gym and unloaded plates from one side of the bar on the squat rack, then you know how it sounds when the plates on the other side come crashing down (onto someone else's foot)... Learning how to use fitness equipment and consistently applying slow cautious use of it, will save you from a world dangerous gym inididents. 

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