Does Torture Make Animals Taste Better?

In China's dog meat trade, dogs are publicly and very slowly tortured to death. It is believed torture makes them taste better.

Chinese consumers go to the dog meat market, choose the dog they'd like to see tortured, then when the dog finally dies, it is taken home, cooked, and eaten.

Chinese dog torture methods are creative and include being slowly flame-torched to death, boiling alive, hanging while being beaten with a hammer, live conscious dismemberment... And the list goes on.

In America's factory farms, cows, pigs and chickens, are privately tortured so that American consumers can be kept in a state of ignorance, and thus turn a blind eye to the horrors of factory farming.

Americans go to the grocery store and buy their meat already tortured, killed and wrapped in a clean package.

American torture methods are also creative and include being raised in squalor and confinement, being electrocuted, being kicked, having tails cut off with scissors, (because confinement makes animals go insane and chew eachother's tails) being artificially inseminated over and over again (females), (males are NEVER given the opportunity to mate), being gassed quickly and painfully, oh and finally, being hung on hooks ALIVE if death doesnt come during the first round of slaughter attempt.

Instead of just grabbing the usual pre-tortured meat in your grocer's aisle, opt for certified humane and start shopping with a heart.

You can make the world a better place for yourself and for animals by choosing meat that is treated with respect.

But where to begin, you ask?

By purchasing your meat from small local farmers who treat their animals kindly from birth to death. Google certified humane farms in your area and sign up for their meat purchasing program. Or, the next time you're in the grocery store, look for brands that are labeled Certified Humane. It's that simple. Here is a link to help you get started:

aspca › consumer-resources › shop-...Web resultsShop With Your Heart Brand List l Help Farm Animals l ASPCA

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