Enough Already

We're always being told that if something doesn't "serve us" we need to ditch it

Does that mean everything and everyone is supposed to "serve us" in some way?-

That sounds very self-absorbed it's worth clarifying, especially in the fitness industry.

What it DOESN'T mean

* That everything we do is for the ultimate goal of catapulting personal image.

* That our friends are a means to an end for our greater good

* That self-love includes over-indulging our own emotions, anger or ego-based reactions toward situations or people

What it DOES mean

* Leave behind hidden self-destructive tendencies such as negativism, judgement, resentment

* Continual pursuit of self-mastery. In others words, stop serving your deepest personal delusions. (Only you know what they really are)

* Avoiding situations and individuals not engaged in the first two points of reference

Remember, fitness is 90% mental and only 10% physical. Imagine what the world could be if everyone knew that.

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