Refresh, Renew, But Still Be You

You're in the middle of those strange few days right after Christmas and just before New Years when you don't quite know how launch a resolution into action.

Your mind wanders vaguely into the preconceived notion of how you're going to become perfect in 2020, but it's already feeling overwhelming. And right then and there is where most people fail before they even begin.

Listen, you're great just the way you are. Don't think you have to change yourself just because the year has advanced 365 days. Improve yourself, yes, but please don't change.

So now that we've established you're pretty amazing just as you are, how can you still gain a sense of renewal and motivation without setting yourself up for failure by the end of February?

It's simple. Instead of making a colossal plan to lose twenty pounds, or get impossibly lean, or obnoxiously ripped, how about committing to three small acts every day that you don't normally accomplish?

For starters, try making your bed every day. ( It promotes quality sleep which in turn promotes quality muscle growth)

Next, opt for realistic hydration. Drink six glasses of water every day, not an entire gallon. You'll be consistently more hydrated because It's an attainable goal. (Seriously, anyone EVER stuck to a gallon of water daily? For a year?)

And lastly, skip the makeup in the gym. You'll be more focussed on your moves instead of how you look doing them.

The above three changes in your life will do absolute wonders for your fitness goals, but in order to experience the proof, you'll have to stick to it.

And we know you CAN! Happy New Year!

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