You Can't Be Serious

No really, you can't and you shouldn't. Sometimes people take themselves too seriously in the gym and it shows in the way they walk. I know because I've done it myself, but it never lasts long with me because I will either trip on the rubber tip of my own shoe, launching myself awkwardly forward, or I'll run into a rowing machine. Ever notice how those rowing machines are sort of low to the floor? They are right?

It seems when our hubris is at its pinnacle, we inevitably do something so completely dumb and yes, everyone in the gym does see it. Like the time I was ordering my husband around on sets and reps on box jumps... I was having such a fine time showing off my fitness prowess in front of him and the whole gym. I was flying high with my box jumps until it slipped out from under me and I landed flat on my butt.

These incidents and many other embarrassing moments in the gym have taught me that it's best just to let go of the notion of who you think you should be on the outside for the rest of the world. Being so serious takes all the fun out of fitness and life, and it's boring.

As I have said so many times...

Be Real.

Be Fit.

Be you.

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